Moms Of The Whine Table

We’re Kristin and Lexi, the Moms Of The Whine Table! Two imperfect moms laughing (and sometimes drinking) our way through motherhood!

We started Moms Of The Whine Table to bring moms from all over the world together. No judgement, just a bunch of perfectly imperfect moms telling it like it is.

This is not your average mommy blog! We like to talk about the things most moms think about, but don’t always talk about. We are real, sarcastic, and we laugh at the not so fun moments of motherhood. Because if you can’t laugh, well, you might as well cry. Or have a glass of wine, we like to do that too!

We’d love for you to join our Whine Table! We laugh daily, cry sometimes, and support each other always.

So take off your shoes, pour yourself a drink, and stay a while. We think you’ll like it here! We sure do!