I’m sick and tired of all the judgmental, petty crap that goes along with parenting. Like seriously, SO over it! Just because someone parents differently than you do, does not, I repeat, DOES NOT mean they are doing it wrong. And it most definitely does not make them any better or worse than you. It’s just different. And guess what guys, that’s OK!

Last time I checked, we all have a common goal. To raise healthy, well-adjusted kids who aren’t A-holes. Amirite?

To all the perfect parents, judgy parents and parenting bullies…YOU SUCK! We have enough stress without having to worry about being criticized for how we raise our kids. If a child is fed, cared for, and loved, then you have no right to tell their parents that they are doing it wrong!

Are my kids neglected if I have a glass of wine or
two with my mommy friends at a playdate? No.

I could never imagine walking up to someone and telling them that my way of parenting is better than theirs, yet I get hated on ALL THE FREAKING TIME! It’s crazy! I get crap because I’m one of those “over achieving” moms who likes to make my girls’ childhood magical. And because I like to drink wine, cheers! And because I like to dress my girls in cute outfits with matching hair bows and shoes. I know, I’m the worst!

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I receive snarky comments on my blog posts, I’ve been criticized for bringing homemade baked goods to my daughter’s class parties, and I’ve been blasted on Facebook for serving wine at a holiday themed playdate. It seems as if there is always someone who has to nitpick my parenting choices. Do I make homemade baked goods because I am trying to one up all the other moms at my kid’s preschool? No. Are my kids neglected if I have a glass of wine or two with my mommy friends at a playdate? No.

Parenthood is hard enough
without you judgmental jerks!

If you don’t agree with how I’m parenting MY kids, that’s fine. You are entitled to your own opinion. Just please, stop putting YOUR opinions on me and other parents. Parenthood is hard enough without you judgmental jerks!

I am no better than you because I’m a “Pinterest mom”, and I’m no worse than you because I drink wine. It doesn’t matter if your kids eat all organic foods, or if you go to McDonald’s once in a while. A breastfeeding mom IS NOT any better than a bottle-feeding mom. You’ve seen the meme; ALL kids end up eating old snacks off the floor at some point.

A parent should never be made to feel guilty for their parenting choices because someone thinks their way is better. At the end of the day, we are on the same team. Can’t you see that? THE SAME FREAKIN TEAM! Just because we do things differently, doesn’t mean we can’t support one another.

So please, for the love of our children, STOP THE PARENT BULLYING! Everyone will have a much smoother journey through parenthood if you do.


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4 comments on “Dear Parenting Bullies, YOU SUCK!”

  1. The most recent time I felt bullied was when I brought snakcs for HIGHSCHOOL age girls for a softball game. I thought it was completetly stupid to be doing this for kids this age, but I just did it anyway. I have a lot of years ahead of me of highschool sports and I can’t decide how to handle it. I get that people with fewer kids are up for coddling teenagers, but I have a toddler and everything in between and the teens can manage to feed themselves a bleepin’ snack!

  2. Great post! I’ve been the receiver of snarky comments because I breastfeed (“Why don’t you just give him a bottle, it’s good enough for everyone else”), cloth diaper (“eww..thats gross”) and even because I fed my son store-bought baby food! (“why don’t you make your own like all the real crunchy moms?”) You literally can’t win, and it sucks!

    • Thanks for reading Jasmine! I can’t believe that someone told you cloth diapers are gross! It truly amazes me how people can be so judgmental and insensitive. And feeding your son store-bought baby food…shame on you! 😉

  3. Great post! It’s so true. I’ve never been one to ever criticize someone so it always surprises me how easy some just say their bit and not care how it’s made me feel. It makes me slightly rage inside…but, I smile and say “yah, thanks”. Gah.

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