Kids are amazing. The innocence and love they have within them is inspiring to watch…

It was a rainy day, which are few and far between for us living in San Diego, and we were stuck inside. My daughters and I were sitting at the window watching the rain fall when all of a sudden, my oldest daughter, Natalie, started sobbing.

“What’s the matter, you like the rain? Why are you being so blue?”, I asked. She responded like most kids would at the age of five, with something unexpected, “I want to live in Utah! I want to live in the snow! We can’t make a snowman in the rain!”

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At first, I thought how adorable, but she wouldn’t stop. She was so upset and worked up about not being able to build a snowman. I tried to distract her with toys and bribe her with food, but nothing worked. She would not stop crying.

Then out of nowhere, Mila, Natalie’s little sister, ran up with a picture she had drawn. The picture was of our family in the snow building a snowman. Mila told Natalie that everything was going to be OK, and that when we visit the snow, we can make all the snowmen we want. Natalie lit up. She loved the picture and words of encouragement. They gave each other hugs and ran off to go draw more snowmen.

I just sat there and watched it all happen. Baffled and moved. It reminded me of how my sister used to cheer me up, like no one else could. It also reminded me how sometimes all you need to fix a problem is a little pure unfiltered love.

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